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The largest production line of needle and felt layers for the country’s automotive industry
Noutash Nab Gostar Paya

About Me

Today, in many countries of the world, polyester fibers are produced and processed with different breads, the important features of which are softness, lightness, hygiene, durability, anti-moisture, and so on.

Polyester fibers are used in various industries such as the production of tent fabrics, curtains, nets, shirts, felt, layers, etc., and cover a major part of the needs of society.

Therefore, Notash Nab Gostar Paya Company has started its activity since 1396 in the field of production of various types of needle layers, car layers and felt, which has many applications in the automotive industry, and polyester, and is ready to serve dear customers.

Notash Nab Gostar Paya

Uses and Indications

Production of various types of waterproofing

One of the main raw materials in the production of various types of waterproofing and isogum
Polyester needle layers are the most important
Produced by Nab Gostar Company.

Production of various felt fabrics

Most of the consumption of polyester needle layers
In the production of various felt fabrics.

Automotive industry

Needle and polyester layers in the automotive industry for use
Sound insulation, LED washer, oil filter, shock absorber
And other provincial foam parts

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